Matchmaking event
Energy Effiency EU-Argentinian Joint Matchmaking Event

2, 3, 4 June 2021

The European Union’s Energy Efficiency  and Low Carbon and Circular Economy Business Action programs will jointly organize the Joint EU-Argentina Energy Efficiency Matchmaking Event.

What is it?

A comprehensive support program for business development for European companies, which seeks to promote business between Argentinian and European companies in technologies that increase energy efficiency and promote low carbon emissions and a circular economy.

What activities and spaces are planned?

  • Development of a marketplace with specific demands from Argentinian companies
  • Contact with Argentinian projects / companies for the development of BO.
  • B2B sessions: through a virtual meeting platform, where Argentine and European companies will advance and close deals that include the transfer of knowledge and technologies from Europe to Argentina.
  • B2F sessions: meeting with financial institutions to identify possible lines of financing for the purchase of technology and project execution.
  • Conferences: International experts will provide context and background on specific energy efficiency and EU topics.
  • Package of technical environmental assistance (financial, legal, etc.) that aims to support and accelerate the closing of businesses.
  • Business monitoring by the team in Europe and Argentina.

Technologies – Business Opportunities

According to a survey of technological needs in Argentinian companies, business opportunities have been detected in the following technologies *:

  • Air Compressors (average size between 50kW to 125 with VFD)
  • Process pump motor set (average size from 40 to 100 kWV)
  • Fan motor (average size between 18.5 kW to 45 kW)
  • Steam boilers (800 kg / hour, 10 bar, 1,000 kW)
  • Industry 4.0 (Sub-measurement 8 points with Server-DB to Big Data)
  • Compressors for slaughterhouses

* These are just some of the technological areas detected.

Who can participate?

Argentinian Companies:

  • Companies seeking to improve their efficiency and sustainability
  • Turnkey Engineering Projects, Consultants and Sales Agents who want to implement a project
  • Be categorized as a “Medium” or “Large” company
  • A valid VAT number in Argentina, Brazil, Chile or Colombia

European Companies:

  • Companies working in a sector related to the circular or low carbon economy
  • Maximum of 499 employees
  • Majority (≥ 51%) owned by EU citizens
  • Validly incorporated in a member state of the EU