22 September | Webinar invitation:
Brazil and energy efficiency, sector opportunities
Organised by Low Carbon Business Action LATAM Programme in collaboration with ABESCO

DATE: 22/09

TIME: 11:00  (Brasilia), 16:00 (CET)


LANGUAGE: Portuguese (simultaneous translation to English provided)

Brazil is facing the worst hydro crisis in 90 years, causing a rise in electricity bills and inflation within the country. With more than 60% of the energy mix based in hydropower the lack of rain in the Southeast and Central-West regions has caused a real struggle in the country energy supply with economic consequences.

In our upcoming webinar, we will be joined by national and international experts to explore the increasing opportunities for Brazilian companies seeking to reduce their energy consumption and booming of the energy efficiency market as a great opportunity for European technology providers.


See below the overview of the session:

  • Introduction. Rodrigo Sarmento, Consultant at UNIDO.
  • Presentation of European policies that contribute to the mitigation of GHG (Green Deal). TBC, Programme Officer at EU delegation to Brazil.
  • Energy efficiency as a solution to Brazil’s current water crisis. Frederico Araújo, President of ABESCO.
  • The strategic importance of social and business awareness of the water crisis. CyroBoccuzzi, Managing Partner at ECOEE.
  • Business Meeting – Business Opportunities in Brazil. Pedro Úbeda, Liaison Officer at LCBA Brazil.
  • Business case. Energy efficiency company with a subsidiary in Brazil. TBC INERCO.
  • Q&A.

Don´t miss the chance to connect with energy efficiency experts and upgrade your market knowledge!