Click on the link below and select the attendee type that best matches your profile, according to the following options:  

  • LATAM Technology End Users: companies based in Argentina, Brazil, Chile or Colombia wishing to implement technological solutions within their company in the field of Low Carbon and Circular Economy sectors. 
  • LATAM Turnkey Engineering companies & Sales Agents: Integrator companies, consultancy firms or sales agents based in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Colombia, wishing to find a technological partner to implement a project for another Local Company, in the field of Low Carbon and Circular economy. 
  • LATAM Stakeholder: Clusters, business associations financial entities or public institutions based in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Colombia interested or involved in decarbonisation, energy efficiency and circular economy-related issues. 
  • EU Company: European providers that manufacture the technology to deliver solutions to meet the needs of companies based in Argentina, Brazil, Chile or Colombia. 
  • EU Stakeholder: Clusters, business associations financial entities or public institutions interested or involved in decarbonisation issues. 

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  1. Webinars: stay updated about the latest innovations and topics of common interest in the fields of Low carbon and Circular Economy . 
  2. Matchmaking events: connect with potential business partners to make your own green deal in virtual networking events.