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New partnership between Terra Santta and Paques

Terra Santta Energia is partnering with the Dutch technology provider Paques to transform the left-over waste from the production of ethanol (which is vignesse stillage) into biomethane and digestate for biofertilizers. For this reason, Terra Santta aims to carry out a project for the conversion of waste from the sugar and ethanol production called vignesse that will be […]

New LCBA Seal recognises the potential of circular and decarbonisation projects in the Americas

The Low Carbon and Circular Economy Business Action (LCBA) programme, funded and promoted by the European Union, launches the LCBA Seal to recognise the environmental commitment of technology transfer initiatives in the field of decarbonisation, circularity and energy efficiency, carried out between American companies and European SMEs. To receive the LCBA Seal, the projects go […]

Interview: Amanda Moraes, Social-Environmental Coordinator at Acciona Energía Brazil

Amanda Moraes, Graduated in Environmental Engineering and MBA in Corporate Sustainability, is currently working as Social-Environmental at Coordinator Acciona Energía Brazil. Amanda is specialised in environmental licensing and in environmental management. She is the responsible for the implementation of projects in Brazil aligned with company’s ESG strategies. #SheLeadsTheChange Which is ACCIONA Energía main area of […]

Meet William Bergh, CEO at Cling Systems

William Bergh is a young Swedish entrepreneur who founded Cling Systems, the B2B platform that connects the battery ecosystem to ensure batteries are reused, repurposed and recycled. We had the pleasure to talk with him and learn more about his circular economy business project: 1.Could you tell us about your professional background and why you chose to focus your career on circular economy?  The circular economy is something that has […]

Meet Iulia Dorobantu Co-founder of Charger.ro & Architect 

We have the pleasure to talk with Iulia Dorobantu a European young entrepreneur who launched Charger.ro, the first one-stop-shop marketplace that brings together solutions, products & equipment making green energy more accessible. Iulia is committed to build a greener and innovative future for Europe. Could you tell us about your professional background and why you chose to […]