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Entrevista: Alejandra Ospitia, Directora Ejecutiva en FEDEMADERAS Colombia

ALEJANDRA OSPITIA, DIRECTORA EJECUTIVA EN FEDEMADERAS COLOMBIA #SheLeadsTheChange Esta semana tenemos la suerte de contar con Alejandra Ospitia, Directora Ejecutiva de la Federación Nacional de Industriales de la Madera, FEDEMADERAS, cuya carrera ha estado en gran parte enfocada en la lucha por un sector justo, verde e incluyente. Uno de los hitos que ha logrado […]

Entrevista: Andrea Barber, Cofundadora y CEO de RatedPower España

ANDREA BARBER, COFUNDADORA Y CEO EN RATEDPOWER ESPAÑA #SheLeadsTheChange Andrea Barber junto a sus socios, han revolucionado la industria de la energía solar con la creación de la startup RatedPower. A través de soluciones disruptivas y sencillas de manejar, RatedPower tiene la misión de  fortalecer la industria de las energías renovables y acelerar la transición […]

Experts discuss opportunities for digestate application in Argentina

The EU-funded programmes Low Carbon and Circular Economy Business Action (LCBA) and Digital Global Biogas Cooperation (DiBiCoo) implemented in Argentina by the National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA), have held a virtual conference to present the existing opportunities in Argentina for the use and valorisation of digestate. It is an essential product in the process […]

Interview: Elbia Gannoum, CEO at ABBEólica Brazil

ELBIA GANNOUM, CEO AT ABBEÓLICA BRAZIL #SheLeadsTheChange ABEEólica´s CEO and Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) Vice Chair, Elbia Gannounn, is a referent in the wind energy industry. In the last 10 years, Elbia has been dedicated to strengthening the sustainable growth of wind energy, which now accounts for more than 9% of the Brazilian electricity […]

Presentations available: Biogas challenges and opportunities of digestate application in Argentina

The presentations of the “Biogas challenges and opportunities of digestate application in Argentina”  webinar are now available! Download the slides or watch the replay here to learn about practical cases and key experts leading the bioenergy sector. Get the vision of local experts and international organizations and discover market trends and business opportunities for European […]

Interview: Eline Stiphout, CEO at TUSTI, Stiphout Plastics and Stiphout Industries Netherlands

ELINE STIPHOUT, CEO AT TUSTI, STIPHOUT PLASTICS AND STIPHOUT INDUSTRIES NETHERLANDS #SheLeadsTheChange   The Stiphout family is well known in the plastic trading and recycling sector, with more than 30 years of experience, they represent past, present and future. We are delighted to introduce Eline Stiphout, CEO of TUSTI, Stiphout Plastics and Stiphout Industries businesses. Aware of the […]