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The carbon footprint: what is it, why and how to reduce it?

Sustainable development has become a great challenge for humanity in recent years. However, the footprint that we are leaving on the next generations is not to be proud of. The launching of projects like LCBA is proof that we are heading towards a sustainable transition towards a low carbon economy and that we still have […]

Clean energies and how to make a good use of them

Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it only transforms… but, in the process, sometimes “stains”. This could be a version of the famous saying about energy adapted to our times, in which the environmental impact of power generation is a major problem. Clean energies could come to solve this problem, with certain factors to consider. […]

What is the circular economy?

Humanity is at a crossroads. The current environmental, social and economic situation lead us to rethink the need to adopt a series of changes in our way of thinking and living, and also in the ways of producing and consuming. It seems that the time for the circular economy has arrived. But what is it […]