14 September | Webinar invitation:
Biogas challenges and opportunities of digestate application in Argentina
Organised by Low Carbon Business Action LATAM Programme and Digital Global Biogas Cooperation (DiBiCoo)

DATE: 14/09

TIME: 10:00  (Argentina), 15:00 (CET)


LANGUAGE: English and Spanish (simultaneous translation provided)


For the upcoming webinar we are joining forces with the Digital Global Biogas Cooperation (DiBiCoo) an EU funded cooperation project between biogas technology exporting and importing countries.

We will be gathering experts from the Argentinian and European markets to analyse the sector opportunities and challenges. Digestate is an important product of anaerobic digestion, with a fantastic application as fertilizer and other high value coproducts, its also a great emission reducer with ecological and economic benefits.

During the session we will be doing a diagnosis of opportunities paying attention to the technology gaps detected by DIBICoo´s team nd presenting some European technology solutions available in the market.

The Institute of Agricultural Microbiology and Zoology (INTA) will help us understand the new regulation framework established for the application of digestate in Argentina. And a real business case will introduce their experience implementing technologies to valorize the digestate and share some learnings about the process.

To finalise we will be showcasing available support tools for the development of these projects and financing opportunities.

This webinar aims to shed some light on those facilities that want to valorize the digestate derived from the biogas production process and Biogas developers; farmers with capacity to develop projects in the agricultural and agro-industrial area; and companies in general operating in the agri-food sector that produce organic waste streams and effluents; but will be of interest for actual technology developers from Europe that are seeking to expand to the Argentinian market.

See below the overview of the session:

  • Introduction
  • Presentation of European policies that contribute to the mitigation of GHG (Green Deal). Jorg Weberndorfer, Minister Counsellor at EU delegation to Argentina.
  • Digestate application regulation framework & results of digestate present stage in Argentina (DiBiCoo survey). Patricia Bres, researcher at INTA Institute of Agricultural Microbiology and Zoology
  • Success case of technology implanted in Argentina. Mercedes Vázquez, Bioelectrica Company
  • European technology opportunities in digestate upgrade and use. Michael Köttner, Senior Biogas Process Expert at IBBK. 
  • State of European technology in digestate transformation and ground application. Frank Hofmann, Consultant at German Biogas Association
  • Support tools to promote the development of Biogas in Argentina (DiBiCoo and LCBA) Simón González, Liaison Officer at LCBA in Argentina / Jorge Hilbert, expert at DiBiCoo
  • Q&A

Don´t miss the chance to connect with digestate experts and upgrade your market knowledge!