Past events

Webinar LCBA | December 01

“Descarbonisation of process industry”

Webinar LCBA | November 30

“Low carbon agriculture machinery in Argentina”

Webinar LCBA | November 04

“Available financing instruments for decarbonisation projects in Latam”

Webinar LCBA | October 7

“Accelerating your green business in Latam”

Webinar LCBA in Argentina | September 30

“Biogas: challenges and opportunities of digestate application in Argentina”

Webinar LCBA in Brazil | June 30

“FoodTech Opportunities in Brazil”

Webinar LCBA in Chile | June 23

“Forestry management technology opportunities in Chile”

Opening Session LCBA in Brazil | June 22

“Opening Session EU-Brazil Matchmaking Event”

Technical Meeting LCBA in Argentina | June 03

“EU Technology Portfolio on Energy Efficiency”

Opening Session LCBA in Argentina | June 02

“Opening Session EU-Argentina Matchmaking Event”

Webinar LCBA in Argentina | March 30

“Presentation of the Low Carbon & Circular Economy Business Action Program”

Webinar LCBA in Argentina | March 23

“Business opportunities with the European Union in Energy Efficiency”

Webinar LCBA in Colombia | March 18

“Sustainable technologies for water management and waste recovery”

Webinar LCBA in Argentina | March 11

“Business opportunities in the renewable energy sector”

LCBA Webinar | January 14

“Launching webinar”