We are delighted to introduce this week Dina Padalkina the founder of Circular Berlin. A non-profit organisation that is reshaping Berlin’s metabolism by developing the local circular economy agenda and its implementation, through research, community-building and practical programmes. Dina is committed to local climate action, and an active member of the circular economy scene.


Dina Padalkina  #SheLeadsTheChange  


  • What is your project about and what do you love about it? 

Circular Berlin is a non-profit organisation – developing the circular economy in Berlin, through knowledge building practical programmes, community development, and education. I am mainly excited about how the collective action can drive the change and the way our organisation contributes to the inclusion into the circular economy.


  • How does it contribute to improve the environment?  

We envision Berlin as a resilient, citizen-oriented region. Resources are sourced locally if possible, used only if truly needed, and their value is maintained as part of a continuous loop ー within the limits of our planet. Waste and pollution are non-existent. People’s lives and jobs positively affect their neighbourhoods and communities. In this case the concept of circular economy is a driving approach to make as positive impact on the resource use. 


  • What other women have inspired you in your career? 

There are many inspiring women, however I have not had a role model for myself. I think every path is very individual and has its unique situation. If I look at the contribution to the circular economy, I follow Eva Gladek, from Matabolic.


  • What challenges have you faced in your professional journey that could help others?  

Sometimes it is challenging to keep the faith in yourself and your development. We all have self-doubts, is it a right way to go? Is it the right way what I am doing? I believe this is one of the most difficult stage when you need to find strength for self believe and continue with your commitment.


  • What kind of support have you found helpful in advancing your career? 

The biggest support is always to be surrounded with the like-minded people who shares your values. It is important to have the exchange with such pool of people on the ideas, questions, next steps. You should not try to be a single worrier on the battlefield, rather first create the army of your supporters to go ahead.


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