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The Stiphout family is well known in the plastic trading and recycling sector, with more than 30 years of experience, they represent past, present and future. We are delighted to introduce Eline Stiphout, CEO of TUSTI, Stiphout Plastics and Stiphout Industries businesses. Aware of the social and environmental responsibility of entrepreneurs, Eline is committed to the environmental preservation.


Eline Stiphout #SheLeadsTheChange  

  • What is your project about and what do you love about it? 

We recycle plastic household waste at Stiphout Plastics BV, my other company. 

 At TUSTI, we developed a way to recycle mixed household plastics. This fraction has to be intensively cleaned to be able to separate all sorts of plastics in our production lines. We have a patented cleaning procedure at TUSTI. We are the first company to be able to clean and separate mixed plastics in this way.  


  •  How does it contribute to improve the environment? 

The mixed plastics are now mainly incinerated. With our new development we are able to extract valuable resources and reduce CO2 emissions. 


  • What challenges have you faced in your entrepreneurial journey that could help others? 

It takes a long time to develop a new process. You need to stick to your idea and go for it!

  • What kind of support have you found helpful in advancing your career?

Find a good, complementary team and look for subsidies and investors who believe in your idea. 

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