Italy: first stop of the energy effiency business mission

Within the framework of the energy efficiency mission taking place in Europe, the LCBA Colombia team provided the participating Colombian companies with the opportunity to visit the Italian cities of Padua and Treviso in February.

Each of the Italian companies presented their technological solutions, which are aligned with the needs and decarbonisation strategy of the Colombian companies:

  • Zuccato presented a cogeneration system which transforms biomass into gas and steam that even taking advantage of low temperatures manages through ORC to generate electricity.
  • Gasparin OMG presented a mobile shredder for solid construction and demolition waste, which shreds around 40 tons per hour, adjusting the screening to the needs.
  • Forrec presented its modular shredding equipment to treat different types of waste. These equipment and solutions are adapted to each of the specific needs of different companies and waste types.
  • Zago, a specialist in organic waste from agriculture, presented innovative machinery specialised in treating, sorting and processing this waste.

The next commercial visit of the LCBA Colombia team will take place in Austria.


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