LCBA alliance in Colombia: TB PLUS and CIRCONTROL


Tb Plus is a Colombian company founded in 2010 that is dedicated to the generation, distribution, construction and implementation of renewable energy projects in Colombia. It has extensive experience in the renewable energy sector and is currently focusing on an innovative approach: the development of chargers for electric vehicles. It is a challenging project with which it hopes to implement more than 350 electric charging stations, using public chargers installed along the country’s roads. Thanks to this development, the company aims to reduce its carbon footprint by around 154,000 tCO2 equivalent over the next 10 years.


To achieve this goal, Tb Plus, through the European Low Carbon Business Action programme in Colombia, found the Spanish partner Circontrol to manufacture the electric chargers. Circontrol has extensive experience in providing vehicle charging solutions worldwide and the two companies recently closed a commercial agreement to develop electric charging stations in Colombia. Also, through the programme, Tb plus contacted the company Etecnic Energy & Moblity with whom they have developed the mobile application for the operation, administration and payments integrated to the chargers.


Tb Plus continues to be committed to its sustainability and climate change strategy, promoting the use of non-conventional renewable energy sources and encouraging their implementation in Colombia.
It is estimated that in 6 years 82,000 tonnes of CO2eq would be avoided and 84 GWh of renewable energy would be generated, which means an average of 8,357 tonnes of CO2eq avoided per year.

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