Spain: last stop of the energy efficiency business mission

The energy efficiency business mission led by the LCBA team in Colombia has arrived to an end in Spain . The team was able to visit companies implementing technologies in biogas, hydrolysis and waste recovery in the cities of Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Burgos and Madrid.

The Colombian representatives visited the following Spanish companies: 


-WAGA: Finances, builds and operates WAGABOX under long-term contracts with operators of waste centers sharing with them the income from the sale of biomethane, according to the company, they produce and distribute the cheapest biomethane on the market.

-DFACTORY: Hub for the creation of a system that promotes the promotion and development of industry 4.0

-Leitat: Technology center that provides solutions with high added value to the technological challenges of companies and organizations.

-CAN MATA – PreZero: One of the most important waste dumps in Spain operated by the company PreZero, where the WAGABOX of the WAGA Energy company will operate, “This unit will inject 70 GWh of biomethane per year into the network of the operator Nedgia, which is equivalent to to the gas consumption of 14,000 Spanish households (or a fleet of 200 trucks). The project will avoid the emission of 17,000 tons of eqCO2 per year, by substituting fossil natural gas.” According to figures and company data.

-NATURGY – Biogas plant: It is the second Spanish biomethane generation plant from biogas and the first private initiative industry after Valdemingomez. Thanks to this renewable gas plant, the biogas produced by landfills is recovered to be injected into the city council’s gas network, benefiting families in the use of energy.


-RECIOIL: Company specialized in commercial management and advice on the exploitation of biogas and composting plants.


-ANAGAS AGF: Biogas and compost plant designed, built and operated by AGF which processes the extracted biomethane transforming it into biogas to be injected into the NETWORK, they have created an innovative technology to reduce the size of the plant and to be able to make them from two containers for process a ton of waste per day and thus feed up to 4 homes.


-ECONWARD: Global technology company specialized in the development of innovative, efficient and sustainable solutions for the treatment, recycling and recovery of biowaste.

-VALDEMINGOMEZ: Technological park that concentrates practically all of the urban waste facilities (RU) in Madrid, where the more than 4,000 tons that are generated daily in the city converge.

-PROMA INGENIEROS: Company dedicated to technical assistance, advice, research and development and application of results in the field of engineering of urban services and smart cities.

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