Meet Caritta Seppa, COO & Co-founder at Tespack, Finland

Caritta Seppa is a Finnish tech entrepreneur and co-founder of Tespack, a company specialised in the development of mobile energy solutions and wearable technology for off-grid purposes. Caritta is passionate about empowering others, supporting aspiring young entrepreneurs, women and students as a mentor and advisor. Shortlisted by Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe 2018, she has been selected as one of the Women in Tech Nordic Finalist Winner 2020 and One of the Top 100 Women in Wearables in 2018, among other recognitions.

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What is Tespack about? Which services/products does it provide? 

Tespack develops off-grid mobile energy solutions by combining hardware and software with the goal of implementing AI and deep learning features as a next step. By combining hardware and software, we have created portable energy solutions that provide access to clean energy and digital education in rural regions by incorporating solar, power electronics and smart IoT. With our latest solution, Smart Solar Media (SSM) system, companies and agencies can turn any space or a room into a fully equipped smart digital classroom by accessing any educational content and by being able to power needed mobile equipment and educational tools. We are excited to be collaborating with leading agencies and organisations such as UNICEF, World Vision, Plan International, Audi Foundation and many others, in supporting them with better access to portable clean energy and digital education in off-grid regions. 

How does it contribute to the environment? 

We are combining different technical verticals in our solutions; power electronics, smart IoT and solar. Our Smart Solar Media (SSM) system has been made to provide access to digital education and portable clean energy in rural regions and is equipped with highly efficient solar panels for creating energy fast and sustainably in off-grid region. With our software platform, we can track how much energy has been created from the sun and thus we can know how much CO2 emissions have been reduced during certain time periods. We can also track the healthiness and lifetime of batteries on our platform and thus support with circular economy.   

Which was the main challenge you faced to launch your own business project? 

Focusing on hardware has never been easy. Not to mention when we started as we combined different technology verticals. A lot of investors and people did not understand the need for portable, mobile energy solutions and used to tell us that we should either focus on solar, power electronics, batteries or in general only on one technology field. But we always knew that the future of energy would lie in the way we can incorporate different technologies together, just as we do today from hardware to software. Also, we learned from a very early on how important it is to have the right team to work with. You might have the best ideas and solutions but without the right, committed team, you will not be able to progress and go too far. It is all about the team that makes the dream come true as the saying goes. 

Could you tell us more about your role in One Young World? 

I am very excited to be part of the One Young World, the leading community for youth change-makers. I joined the community back in 2018 when I was selected as one of the Audi Environmental Foundation scholars and as one of the speakers on education at the OYW annual summit. Today, I work as the Coordinating Ambassador for the Nordics and Baltics, in supporting our local ambassadors with access to different opportunities and in general being the main point of contact for the community here. OYW is a great community that can open a lot of doors, in getting connected with potential partners, collaborators and in being part of the change-makers of tomorrow.   

And about Women to Tech?

I believe we need a lot of diversity in the technology industry, at all levels and fields. We need different talents and skillsets and it has been great to see how in the past few years, there has been more and more women starting their companies and in working in the technology sector. I am happy to support other women through mentoring and advising and there is nothing more important than support each other, push each other forward. 

Do you have any young talent that inspired your career?

I have always been inspired by Tespack’s founder Mario Aguilera and by my fellow co-founder Yesika A. Robles. Mario started with Tespack and it was his vision and ideas about a world where everyone could have access to same opportunities through accessing energy. He has always inspired and pushed me to become better, stronger and wiser and he has been a key inspiration for me. Not to mention my fellow co-founder Yesika who has shown me how to believe more into myself and in general being my woman in tech twin. 

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Caritta Seppa Tespack. 


Their vision is to be able to supply energy where it is most needed and for important purposes such as education, medical purposes and equality.


They work with DEDA principles of development (Deep Empathy Development Approach)