New LCBA Seal recognises the potential of circular and decarbonisation projects in the Americas

The Low Carbon and Circular Economy Business Action (LCBA) programme, funded and promoted by the European Union, launches the LCBA Seal to recognise the environmental commitment of technology transfer initiatives in the field of decarbonisation, circularity and energy efficiency, carried out between American companies and European SMEs. To receive the LCBA Seal, the projects go through an acceleration, assessment and evaluation phase, the latter carried out by independent experts who make an estimate of the environmental, social and economic impact. In addition, the projects are formalised with the signing of a commercial agreement between the companies in the American markets (Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia and Mexico) and the European technology suppliers.

The LCBA Seal is part of the European Union’s efforts to promote and recognise the path taken by many American companies towards sustainable transition, as well as to support the internationalisation of European technology SMEs with innovative solutions for the fight against climate change.

Although all the acceleration projects have a common element such as positive environmental impact and the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, the sectors they come from are varied: waste recovery, energy generation from agricultural process residues, renewable plants, ammonia generation and green hydrogen, among others.

The LCBA programme, which offers support services, advice and technical assistance to the selected projects, will run until September 2023, and countries are currently actively recruiting projects that can benefit from the support it offers.

The leader of the LCBA Latam project team, Alfredo Caprile, pointed out that “with more than 100 projects in acceleration in the six countries, the LCBA Seal comes to publicly recognise the efforts of companies to innovate and take a firm step in their ecological transition”.

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