New partnership between Terra Santta and Paques

Terra Santta Energia is partnering with the Dutch technology provider Paques to transform the left-over waste from the production of ethanol (which is vignesse stillage) into biomethane and digestate for biofertilizers.

For this reason, Terra Santta aims to carry out a project for the conversion of waste from the sugar and ethanol production called vignesse that will be transformed into biogas, and into biomethane. In addition, what is left from that process will be turned into digestate.
The project is structured in 4 phases:

1. Waste out of the ethanol (Vignesse) pre-treatment
2. Conversion of the pre-treated vignesse into biogas
3. Removal of the sulfuric acid (H2S) from the biogas through the compression of biogas to obtain biomethane
4. Conversion of the biogas waste into digestate and fertilizer.

The European company Paques will provide the technological solution, implementation and management of the project.


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