The European Union accelerates more than 160 Cleantech projects between European and American businesses

Low Carbon and Circular Economy Business Action (LCBA) programme, funded by the EU, promotes the commercialisation of low-carbon technologies of small and medium-sized enterprises from the European Union in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia and Mexico, in key business sectors with high potential for decarbonisation. More than 300 business opportunities have been identified by the initiative in the different markets and 900 European cleantech providers have signed up to the platform.

The programme has accelerated 168 projects between European SMEs and companies in the Americas for a value of 501,755,685 euros (EU CAPEX) in these first 2 years.

The majority of the projects accelerated are related to renewable energy, waste to energy and energy efficiency, e.g:

  • Sale of a semi-automated European cleaning robots for Operations and Maintenance of Photovoltaic panels in Mexico,
  • implementation of a thermal energy storage systems that allows the energy generated by off-grid systems to be used outside of their functional window in Canada,
  • replacement of a company coal-fired boilers with biomass boilers in Colombia

“Thanks to the programme we were able to become commercial partners of a technology for solar panels and thus eradicate 100% of the water consumption used in the cleaning process.” Juan Manuel Avila, CEO & co-founder Top Energy.

The most high-potential projects receive specific technical assistance to help transition their promising business concepts into profitable business deals. Each technical assistance package is tailor made to the specific

need of the project and may include: business and trade counsel, commercial strategy, negotiation and due diligence, product and technology feasibility analysis, trade orientation, identification of co-financing opportunities, product-to-market adaptation, IP protection, regulatory and legal advice.

By strengthening the commercial presence of European cleantech companies in the Americas with sustainable technologies, products and service solutions in the target markets, this business-driven initiative aims to reduce carbon emissions, promote circular economy processes, increase visibility of the principles of the EU Green Deal and support the implementation of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.