In the upcoming webinar “The Process IndustryReducing carbon footprint and improving energy efficiency through partnerships with EU companies” , we will be showcasign European innovative technologies and Argentinian success case studies  in the implementation of low carbon technologies and the  Approach to the Carbon Credits Market. 

This session can help your business:

  • Learn about the Argentinian process industry sector and detected technology gaps
  • Get insights about the transition of the sector into a low carbon economy in Argentina
  • Discover available business opportunities for European technology providers
  • Find out about the latest European innovations

Agenda overview:

WelcomeIgnacio Ibáñez, Commercial Manager at LCBA
Introduction and presentation of the participantsGabriel Rodriguez Garrido, CEO at IPA
Presentation of European policies that contribute to the mitigation of GHG (Green Deal) Jorg Weberndorfer, Minister Counsellor at EU Delegation to Argentina
Low Carbon Business & Circular Economy Business Action in Americas Simon González, Liaison Officer at LCBA Argentina
Current Situation and Opportunities of the Process Industry (Focus on the Chemical Sector in Argentina) Carlos Octtinger, Techinal Advisor at IPA
European technology opportunitiesLuigi Pugliano, Project Manager at BluePlasma Power
European technology opportunities Russell Maduro, Chief Technology Officer at Ionada
Solutions to convert waste into electricity and hot waterKristina Pettersson, Sales and Process engineer at AGAINITY
Q&AIgnacio Ibáñez Commercial Manager at LCBA