What does the future of low carbon agriculture look like?

For our next webinar we´ve teamed up with AFAMAC (Asociación de Fabricantes de Maquinaria Agrícola y Agrocomponentes de Córdoba) and ASIMA (Asociación Santafesina Industrial de la Maquinaria Agrícola) from Argentina to find the answer to this question. We will also highlight technology gaps found in the Argentinian market and showcase available innovative European technology solutions.

This session can help you:

  • Learn about the Argentinian agriculture sector and detected technology gaps
  • Get insights about the transition of the sector into a low carbon economy in Argentina
  • Discover available business opportunities for European technology providers
  • Find out about the latest European innovations


Introduction and presentation of the participants. Simón González 

Liaison Officer, LCBA Argentina

Presentation of European policies that contribute to the mitigation of GHG (Green Deal) Jorg Weberndorfer 

Minister Counsellor at EU Delegation to Argentina

Presentation of the LCBA program. Tools, opportunities, actions for the sector Simón González 

Liaison Officer, LCBA Argentina

Importance of carbon footprint measurement.  

IK Ingenieria 

Francisco Campo 

General Manager, IK Ingeniería (Spain) 

Technological innovation in agricultural machinery – Optronia Nicola Baldo 

CEOOptronia GmbH (Austria)

Technological innovation in agricultural machinery – ISOBUS Experts Martin Wodok

Senior Manager Research and Development at The ISOBUS Experts

Technological innovation in agricultural machinery – MC Elettronica 


Mikhail Muntyanu 

Export Area Manager, MC Elettronica (Italy)

Sustainable challenges and opportunities for the local industry in joint developments with Europe. ApacheGabriel Astegiano International Commercial Director and Fernando Porcel Commercial DirectorComercia at Apache10’ 
Q&A  5’ 
Closing  3’